EMR Software – Comparing Current Choices

Compare EMR Software – Beyond Meaningful Use.

EMR vendors are quickly scooping up Meaningful Use certifications on their systems. They know it’s not optional – it’s mandatory for their survival – so they are ensuring they get certified. This means that the certification is not the key to finding the right system.

Obviously, it’s important to review costs when you compare EMR systems. But it is just as important to look at workflows and implementations processes.

An EMR implementation cannot be done in 8 hours. If the vendor isn’t prepared to work with you at a level you are comfortable with, you may want to look elsewhere.

Also, challenge the prospective EMR vendors to show you your workflows in their system. It may require some build on their part, but they should be able to show you how the system will look when it’s live in your environment, for your practice and your specialty specifically.

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